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Average Yearly Maintenance costs for WRX

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I'm new to the WRX and am expecting delivery sometime in August.

I was wondering what I should be budgeting for maintenance costs each year with an average 12k mile/year.
I realize maintenance costs would be small the first year or two, but I'm curious for those longer term owners of the WRX, what has been your experience with over-all maintenance costs, as it would average totaling the scheduled and unscheduled costs.

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Here's some info from Edmunds for what it's worth...

I don't know where they get these numbers, especially year 4. You should be covered by warranty for 3 years, 36K miles from the get-go, therefore just oil changes and very minor expenses for that time. Afterward, you are looking at replacing tires and brakes of course, *maybe* a clutch. I had virtually no unusual expenses on my 2012 WRX when it was out of warranty--turbo leak covered by drivetrain warranty. No need to change the timing belt except on the STI.

You will want winter tires and (ideally) a second set of rims to begin with, with an initial upfront cost of $1000-1500, but will save on summer tire wear over the long run.

Anyway, just my observation--my 2 BMW's had about $1500 maintenance a year out of warranty. I would expect the WRX to be no more than half that, if that much.

Anybody else can chime in with their opinions or experience on this.
I have no idea, but its got to be less than my POS GMC van.
1.5 years and 20k miles and nothing but oil changes l. I'd imagine that the 60k service is pretty costly as I believe spark plugs and drive train fluids are all replaced.
I put 8k on my car a year. I've owned it for 2.

So far I've spent somewhere around 4k in non oil change repairs and maintenance including tires. I've got another several hundred in brakes waiting to go on, 1200 in a cat back that solved an exhaust leak I didn't account for in the 4k. Plus 3 sets of air filters and cabin filters at 50 a shot, 4 sets of wipers at 50 a shot.

I will guestimate around 2500-3k a year for an older car like mine, and sub 1k for a new car.

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Wow, thanks everyone! I appreciate the feedback.
XJman, what year is your WRX? I assume you purchased used? Also, 4sets of wipers, or 4 individual wipers changed out twice (which is normal once per year stuff) :)
4 sets. I work in an industrial area and the crap in the air burns them up about every 6 months.

My car is a 2011 and I've had it 2 years.

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