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My 03 WRX sedan that I just recently acquired needs control arm bushings and the struts are on their way out, but me coming from 80s BMWs...I'm a little confused on the best route to take.

The WRX suspension design is far more complex, and looking up the hundreds of brands for these parts can be a bit overwhelming. Haha. BMW is simple, H&R Race and Bilstein Sports. M3 offset LCA bushings and stock everything else. Is there a tried and true setup with these?

And do I buy the whole control arms with bushings and balljoints preinstalled (BMWs are non serviceable and this is how you get them), or do I buy the separate bushings? Are poly bushings worth the upgrade? Are STI control arms a substantial upgrade or are they just lighter and more of a bling factor?

Are there any, while you're in there, bits to replace? Looks like the ball joints have to come apart, so I suspect those.

Also, under heavy braking, I notice the car dives towards the left front corner, so, I am assuming the struts are about done...

The car already has Tein springs...keep them and replace the struts or save my money and get coilovers?

My eventual goal for the car is more hobbyist AutoX and some spirited driving, so I am willing to do upgrades if its worth it. Basically just want the car to turn well. I'm not even concerned about power, atm.

Thanks anyone who read all that!
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