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just got this from autoearth and it came with two spacer things, and if i put the spcaers on the spoiler, it leaves a much big gap between the spoiler and the boot lid. and the spacer holes dont match my 04WRX holes.

if i dont use the spacers, one hole on each end match up with two of the wrx holes, therefore i need to drill more holes in my boot.

if anyone has purchased this autoearth spoiler will know what im talking about.

what you think i should do now ?? where should i drill the holes at ??

and is two screws on each end of the spoiler will be enough ?? and where should i drill the second two holes at ??
should i drill it along the lines of where my oem stock 04wrx spoiler came off ??? if i do drill it there, there is a gap between that spacers meant to go and there is a gap between it even if i dont use the spacer...


should i drill it near the end of the spoiler where its directly above the rubber stopers on each inside of the boot.. ?

again its hard to explain unless someone has purchased one of these before..

i really need help with this .
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