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Auto to Manual swap - '06 WRX

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Hi everyone!

I have an '06 WRX that has an auto trans. I want manual trans. I can do the swap, and understand the pitfalls and tasks involved.

I have found an '02 WRX trans (TY754VN2AA). I believe it should bolt right up. It has the phase 2 case (8 bolt holes in the bell housing).

It's a few hours away from me. Before I go get it, am I mistaken in that it won't bolt to the engine?

Thank you in advance.
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Automatics suck. Don't know anything about the switch but good luck, and good call
If I'm not mistaken you'll also need at least the drive shaft and half shafts.

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What are the pitfalls ? Just curious because I don't know

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I would get both cars on lifts and take a bunch of pictures. There may be issues besides bolting to the engine. I did that kind of a swap on a Volvo one time and discovered (the hard way) that the trans rear support was built into the chassis and that chassis for autos were different from chassis for sticks. I ended up having to cut a bunch of steel channel and weld up an adapter bracket.

With more modern manufacturing techniques it seems unlikely that the chassis on the WRXs are different depending on tranny, but pretty much anything can happen over four model years. Good luck.
Pitfalls include different wiring, possible depreciation from a swap, different drive and half shafts, keeping the trans computer (so the main ecu doesn't say "nope"), adding pedal and neutral safety switch.
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