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AUDI RS3 sportback

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I kind of wish I knew about this car before I starting shopping last December! Does anybody have experience with the RS3?
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Most members are from the USA and we didn't get these bad boys stateside!

That I5 sounds wonderful.

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I'd own it.

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362 HP AWD, sounds the business too. What's the cost of getting out of a lease early? :)
I do like the I5, and it seems like a natural, more refined successor to my old wagon.
Two strikes against it for me...

  • Over $50K
  • No true manual

But I'm odd, that way.
Disclaimer: I don't track the German manufacturers like I used to, so my info could be inaccurate.
Over 50K would be the issue for me. I have to have a really good reason to spend more then 40k on a car.

Its just too expensive.
true, I spent 27k on a base plus some small addons. so maybe 30. That's quite a large difference in a monthly payment.
I haven't had any experience with the S3 but have with the S4 and S5. I love both of them but cause I know the S3 is smaller than the S4 I tend to stay away from it just because the back seats are terrible.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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