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Disclaimer : as far as you know the following took place in a legal off roading facility. No other people were on the same road. Dont try this at home..

Anyhoot, so very late at night, an audi s4 is coming top speed right up behind me. so I decided to piggy back (about 100-120 feet behind him, 'cause I wasn't trying to be on his a$$ just wanted to cruise behind since he had the open lanes. Anyhoot, get to a part where the road is wide open (no other cars what so ever). so the dude just takes off. I move to middle lane and step off the gas. When he notices, he lets off the gas and waits for me. Get next to him and he starts going at it (step on the gas, lets off the gas) I say, wtf, letz do it. so a quick downshift puts us at 100mph quickly.
Now, I've gunned my car before, (for testing purposes ofcourse :D), and when I got near the rev limit (on 4th or 5th) for some reason the car cut back (not sure if boost cut, or gas cut) but it certainly did not feel like rev limit, since it was at around 6400-6500rpm, I thought it was wierd. Anyhoot, I noticed that if I just stepped on the gas, that's when the car would do it. However if I gradually press the gas and let it build up, the car would go, but until yesterday I had not tried to test the car to the limit.
Anyway, me and the other driver at around 100mph, cause a slight turn on the highway was coming, so I let off the gas, he keeps going. then a long long Loooooong straigh away comes, he steps on it. I waited like 3 seconds before I did. I then start steping on it, at which point Im getting near rev limit (4th-7200rpm) so I shift, keep on the gas, my car starts to gain on him. I get next to him and I just keep down so I can keep up right next to him. Then I look over, He had two people in the car, they're staring at me and talking to the driver, cheesing all the way (glad we all were having fun hehehe:D) I look over, smile and keep going..... I pulled like 200 feet in front of him before I slowed down because signs for my exit are starting to popup. Just before I let off the gas, I look at my spedo, and the needle was BURIED waaaaay past 140mph:eek: I didn't think this car could go this fast..... Anyway I let of the gas, and the dude eventually just zooms by (at which point I was doing around 110mph) ... that was fun...but right after everything was "quiet" again, I get that fast heartbeating and funny feeling hehe I don't do this kinda thing everyday ...but ...that was fun....

figured you guys would appreciate the car's performance as much as me :D
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