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Pitre Meet - August 3rd (AZ)
We have arranged with Pitre Subaru to have a meet at their dealership on August 3rd. They open their doors at 8:30. The meet is scheduled to go from 9:00 to 2:00 or so. Some of the highlights will be:

Subaru only car show (that would be our cars)
Subaru Rally Car(s) on display
AVSport Rally Car(s) on display
Meet the staff (General Manager, Sales Manager, Parts Manager, Service Manager, etc.)
They will be having a service clinic that day (if you want a free checkup on your car I can get you in contact with who to call for an appointment)
We will also be announcing our discounted pricing on cars, service, and parts.
There will be a question and answer section to ask about STi, other models turbo plans, warantee information, etc. (If we submit some of our questions before hand they will have answers to hand out on our question list).
Pitre will be supplying lunch for us.
KSLX will have a remote their for radio press.
We are working on having channel 3 and Good Morning AZ come out for some additional press.

This is what we have been trying for a while here in AZ and we finally have a dealership willing to work with us.

We need to have a STRONG showing of attendance to show that we want to have a dealer that is friendly towards our group.

I urge all of you who can come out to do so, it will help all of us in the long run. If they don't see support from our group it may pull the plug on the whole relationship we have been trying to work out.

They wanted to start their presentations at 10:00 so if most of us could be there by then it would be great.

Sorry for the short notice, it is just hard to coordinate things around when some of the Rally cars will be on tour.

I will try and answer all questions I can here.

I think it is the beginning of a great relationship, but I need help from everyone else to show that we are serious about our Subarus.


Dan and Aaron

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