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:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

I got into an accident when some f-tard decided hes too good for traffic and rocketed out of a sidewalk parking spot causing 2 cars in front of me to brake and cause me to rear-end some other car.

ugh. basically he was parallel parked on the street nd cars were coming but he drove out anyways like the f'in shiet he is nd ran away shortly after. the car that was coming right before the guy left his spot braked hard and ran away soon too. the car right behind that had enough time to brake like no tommorow to barely collide, but I couldnt see that there was a car coming out of the sidewalk parking spot so i couldnt consider the chance of a crash because all i saw was the car in front of me braking (yet no hard braking at the time, i just thought he was normal braking but screeching soon followed), so when i heard screeching and saw myself starting to catch up to the car in front of me at an unusual rate, i braked like i was about to fall off a cliff, but it was a very good brake but not quite enuff...i avoided a serious crash...but still was able to do good my car...the friggin accord in front of me had a bumper that got bumped off and misalligned. new bumper = fixed. me on the other hand. my grill is lates. my headlights are lates. my front frame is bent. my radiator is bent inwards. my license plate is lates. my front bumper is scratched up. nd im leaking radiator fluid now. ARGH. :mad: :mad: :mad:

i got everything covered with insurance and everything and everyones alright thanks to the awesome brakes on the wrx. no air bags went off. i prolly would of avoided the crash if i had about 2 seconds more warning or saw the **** that was happening in front of the accord nd other red car (i saw 2 cars that seemed to be tailgating at the time...i was wrong), but agh. **** happens. anyways. im taking this opportunity to consider my options.

i do have hooks as to a close mechanic nd parts so i can get cheaper parts nd cheaper labor costs. can anyone tell me the costs of a OEM front bumper, headlights, front frame, radiator, other stuff that might be broken?...(i havent looked at it too closely. it hurts to look at it :( ) so im thinking that i can use the money i save from the overpriced OEM parts by using aftermarket (hopefully) and have no deductable to pay. or i can pay the deductable and get more aftermarket parts...or...i can jus fix it :(

i dont know. anyone have any other suggestions?

also ill post pics later so someone can tell me something thats broken that i might not know and give me an estimate.

O yeh. gayest part. my car is undrivable right now, but i drove it home (bad idea because it started to smoke by the time i got home because of the radiator fluid leak i believe). also something is touching the belts. which is...not good...hopefully the dmg doesnt go past the radiator. :mad:

and yeh. ppl are telling me that i should learn a lesson from drive safer...but i was driving safe but stupid **** the only lesson i got was that Stock tires suck and Stock brakes suck. :mad:

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Holy Crap that Sucks man!! I hope Insurance Doent try to nail it on you!!!

Try to get them to claim it under an uninsured moterist claim or hit n run or something where its not your fault!

I will almost Concider it a Swoop n Squat....wich wuld be attempted insurance fraud on the dude who pulled out.
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