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If you're going to do ANYTHING, even where your current power levels are at, please consider an aux trans cooler, upgraded lines and orange CVT (vs. blue) fluid. F1 Motorsports makes one for both front mount or top mount applications. Mishimoto also makes one, but meh...
TGV/EGR/AOS, plus a reliable pro tune from someone with CVT experience.

F1 Motorsports CVT Transmission Cooler Upgrade

F1 Motorsports CVT Pro-Series Transmission Line Up-Grade | AMR PERFORMANCE

The lines can probably wait at stage 1&2 power levels. Beyond that, swap them in.

edit: 360TQ is generally where you want to max out at. Which is PLENTY. After that, you'll start getting the slippage and excessive heat. Beyond those numbers, you'll want to look into the torque converter upgrades and that's a whole new ballgame.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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