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Well, today was the big clutch install day.

After i ran my 12.3 pass, i knew i needed to make an investment in a good clutch because the stock one was shot. I must say a few very kind words to the stock subaru clutch. The feel was great, and it lasted an awesome 51 drag passes before it decided it didn't want to hold the power my WRX is making. I would really recomend that people put off the upgrade as long as you can because the stock unit is quite nice unless i just managed to get a super-clutch from the factory.

Anyway after dealing with some of the best people in the world for WRX modifications, Adam at z1 auto in NY said he might have exactly what i was looking for.

My criteria was

Full face disk, sprung hub, and one that could be slipped out of the hole without locking up too harsh, but that would still hold the power i am making and a good deal more.

I have had a BPM flywheel that i got from mike at exeter subaru for quite a while, but was waiting for the right clutch to install it with.

Adam made some calls and sourced me a clutch from AP. Its their group N rally clutch.

Fast forward a week or so from when i ordered it, and it finally shows up at my office. The disk looks good, its almost all organic, but there is a little bit of copper in it. The pressure plate looks nice and heavy duty, and the whole unit looks very well built.

A quick check shows that it fits my BPM flywheel perfectly, and i stash it in my office for a bit while i try to find time to get it on the car.

Today was the day!

Initial driving impressions are quite good. The flywheel is lite, but not so much so that you are going to stall the car all the time. Just takes a bit of getting used to the way the motor seems to rev now. Just a little blip will get the revs going where as before the response time was very slow.

The clutch feel is light... not at all like most of the ACT 2600 type clutches that i have driven. You do not need a huge calf to drive this thing... This was a nice suprise. I had expected the clutch to be heavy, but that was not the case at all.

You can slip this clutch taking off from a dead stop no problem. I even tested the clutch by just holding the car on level ground and slowly letting it out the clutch while giving NO gas... the car did not stall, it just started creaping forward. Nice sign!

I then did some WOT in gear pulls, and the cluch holds the power awesome. The flywheel lets the car rev much quicker, and as a result, it seems boost comes on quicker (even though its the same RPM range, you just get there quicker). Up top, the car pulls very smooth all the way to redline. It almost feels as if i put my car on a diet and now that some of the fat has been trimmed away its ready to run.

I'll have to wait for lunching and hard shifting tests as you need to break in the clutch a bit before that, but i am quite confident that this will be a very good solution for the WRX guys.

you can get the flywheel from Mike at exeter subaru (877-782-2789) or Adam at Z1 (631-254-8277)

You can get the clutch from Adam (631-254-8277)

Both of these guys are top notch, and provided me with great service and advice.

Big thanks go out to Adam as the clutch is right on the money what he said it would be.

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clutch & flywheel

ok guys/gals..time to give up the info. what did this set u back$$$$$ i have a light weight flywheel in another car and i love it, it just revs so much more quickly i love it, i want one for my WRX also but it christmas and i have to wait till the first of the year..let us know the cost and keep up the good work..:D
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