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I don't have a WRX yet, but I know i have a HUGE BOX in my current car which I will put into a WRX... I tested a factory sub, and it plain sucks. Here are my two suggestions:
For the wagon:
Install your amp under the passenger seat, where a factory sub will go. Run enough cable into the back so you can pull your box out easily. This way you dont sacrifice any cargo space(when needed of course) and the disconnect will take a few seconds. (this is what i'm going to do when i get my wagon)
For the sedan:
I would say you can still install the amp under the passenger seat. If not there, mount it to the back of the rear seats. If the amp is under the passenger seat, you can more than likely mount your bazooka tube on the seat. This will prevent it from rolling, and it will put it out of the way somewhat.
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