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Anyone in NH who will let me listen to his/her exhaust?

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I'm looking into an aftermarket exhaust--possibly tbe or get a dp first and a cbe later, depending on what it is. I was wondering if anyone around who has a pipe installed on a WRX would be willing to meet up and let me take a listen. I could come to you. I'm looking for some increase in performance with a subtle sound and it must be quad-tipped to look relatively stock. What comes to mind are the Cobb or TurboXS, but I'm sure there are others. Or if there is a meet around that I could go to that would be great.
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You could listen to mine if you are in the area. I have a Grimmspeed catted J-Pipe with a Perrin Resonated exhaust. It's definitely louder than stock but not obnoxious in my opinion. It fills out the exhaust outlets a little better than stock but it isn't huge. I really couldn't be happier with it.

I'm in Enfield, NH.
Where about in NH? I'm in souther Vermont bordering NH. I have the SPT exhaust on my 09. Idk how much performance it provides, probably none, but it sounds nice to me. Deep rumble without being overbearing. If you are between keen and Vermont I'd meet up.
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