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I must say, I absolutely LOVE these things! After I read Gary Sheehan's article over at I-club a little over a month ago I made my decision to try them over the other setups out there (Wilwood, etc.)

The things went on very well, fit is phenominal, I also sprung for the extra stainless lines for the rear as well (they come with them for the front.) Installation only took about 2 1/2 hours. After a good bed-in session as instructed by Stoptech I made some hard stops, and was blown away, the ABS only comes in at the extreme end (I figured it would be really touchy on the ABS.)

At the track this weekend I caught myself braking where I usually would, and I was then having to accelerate again just to get into the curve. :D Frustrating at the time, but afterwards I just figured out that I need to learn to drive with them.

The quality of the pieces are phenominal, and they are "plum perty" under my wheels too. Anyone contemplating a brake upgrade, I would encourage to check these out, great bargain for the price!
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