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My search for seats has been a disaster. I need a reclining/adj seat- no negoiating- it's my wife's daily driver. I looked at the Sparco Torino's nice seat, but found out today they weigh 37 lbs + 15 lbs for sliders/brackets- that puts them within a couple of lbs of the stockers (55lbs). I'm not buying seats and saving 6 lbs. I then looked at Recaro SRD's or the new Sport that replaced them- 30 lbs- much better, but then found out they are made for folks under 5' 10" and under 175 lbs- so those are out.

I just came across these Momo RS2's- light at 27lbs (for an adj seat anyways) and designed a little bigger. Don't know anything about them as far as quality, fit etc so was hoping someone might have tried them


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