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Any 15-17 CVT's running Cobb Stage 1 OTS tune with SF and charge pipe?

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Hey guys... I was just wondering if any of you with a 2017-2015 WRX with CVT are running a Cobb Stage 1 Accessport (OTS) tune with the SF intake and charge pipe? If so, have you had any issues related with the OTS tune? Also, which brand of charge pipe did you go with? I'm in the process of purchasing a PRL charge pipe in the coming weeks, but I wanted to make sure Cobb's OTS tune was capable of supporting it before needing a pro-tune. Thanks.
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I just had my car put back to a stock intake by the Subaru dealer on my 2015 WRX. I was running the Cobb Stage 1 big SF and had been having issues with Feedback Knock and DAM. Last week i put it back to stock map with sf intake and car intermittently started knocking so bad that I had to tow the car. The dealer had the car in for a week trying to figure out whats going on and finally decided to put back in the stock intake. And now looks like it running fine. They told me the position of the MAF sensor on the Cobb intake is causing issues. I would caution you from putting a Stage 1 on a CVT
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