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Okay so I went out and financed a 2008 wrx sedan. 3 weeks in the turbo is leaking tons of oil and coolant, the stock intercooler fins are all laid flat (wouldn’t think any air could get through), and there’s a crack in my down pipe. Mechanic said 1,700 he can get it back to stock. But then I did some research. And the vf52 swap was very attractive. So I ordered
-IHI vf52 turbo
-AVO TMIC (keeping stock Bpv)
-Rev9 Catless Downpipe
- Cobb sf intake
-Cobb turbo inlet
-Cobb AP
-TP stage 2.52 map
-mishimoto IC to TB hose

I haven’t done the swap yet, as I have a few questions.

All of these mods should bolt right on correct?

Do I need a pro tune? Or will the tp 2.52 be good enough?

What kind of HP should I expect? (Everything else is stock)

Lastly if anyone had done this swap and can recognize something I’m missing or give me some pointers, that would be greatly appreciated.

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Everything looks good to me. Nothing is sticking out that you may be forgetting. Torqued Performance does a pretty good job at e-tuning. Be sure to send Eric there as many datalogs as you can. Datalog the parameters he wants/needs and be prompt to send them. From what I have seen, anywhere from 2-5 revisions from him and the car should be good to go.

A protune would net better results, at the end of the day no tune beats a tune from a skilled pro tuner. Only thing I will mention is to make sure you replace all exhaust gaskets as you put the new stuff on.
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