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Hey guys, just wanted to introduce myself. I just bought my second Subaru, a 2017 WRX Premium package (last one on the lot!) w/premium Harman sound, Sti short throw, 7" DIN, and some other small additions. Had the dealer put a vortex generator on, tint the windows, K&N filter, and give her an acid bath. Also, noticed the 18's have a performance package which offers painted (red) calipers. BUT, I saw an 18' Silver Sti with the new Brembo's and decided I liked that color better, so I had them custom paint the calipers on my car to match that color. I really love the car, and the rugged feeling and raw power of the AWD WRX. Only thing I am thinking about doing now, is a stage 1 access port tune. The ONLY reason is because of the power band between 4-6k RPM...doo-doo.

My previous Subi was bought new, a 2006 WRX TR, black. Really like the 2.5L, tune, and calipers that year. Now they're damn-near impossible to find in good condition with decent mileage.

Hopefully I will make it to Subifest this year, never been before. Glad to be back in the community, it's cool the get the Subi-wave again (almost forgot about it until people started waving at me, lol).


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I didn't know dealers would do the caliper paints and such. Very cool look.

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What's with this trend of glow in the dark caliper colors. I just saw a BMW yesterday with calipers so bright orange i thought he had trapped the sun in there.

Welcome aboard and enjoy the ride.

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