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This is from dR from another *a-hem* need-not-be-resurrected post
from darkRex i had the shudder problem, it was fixed under warranty. run a search for "clutch decel noise." all the info is there, but basically, there was a batch of wrx's that came off the line with tension springs that were too small. it's not dire, or detrimental to the car, but it shudders in the cold, and rattles under deceleration.
I'm the kind of idiot who babies his WRX instead of driving it, but I'm also the kind of idiot who realizes that actually driving for real would be really fun. (That is, assuming one day I grow the required huevos -slash- wallet, or that I get the kind of personal problems that only SPEED can fix. :) ) I can deal with the shudder, but the decel grinding noises give me the creeps.

My point in writing is to see how many people who've had the SOA prescribed fix had both problems fixed at the same time, like darkRex says. Seems like other people said the grinding was still there. Is "fix both at once" something you specifically have to ask for, or what?
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