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Ok so I am in need of a STAR smog in California within the next three months so I went back to stock and the only mod I have is a Invidia N1 Racing on my 06 hawkeye.

I got a Cobb AP3 and this is what it shows. Not really sure what Star Smog requires but here's what it shows on my accessport

Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) Status-OFF
Number of DTCs present-0
Fuel System-READY
Comprehensive Component-READY
Heated Catalyst-Not Applicable <<<<does this mean it's not ready?
Evaporative System-READY
Secondary Air System-READY
A/C System Refrigerant-Not Applicable
Oxygen Sensor-READY
Oxygen Sensor Heater-READY
Exhaust Gas Recirculating System-Not Applicable <<<<<does this also mean not ready?

I heard you should drive around a few miles before going to get a smog, is that the reason those are showing up as Not Applicable? Does that mean it's NOT READY? I only drove about 40 miles so far, and most of them are READY, I thought it was much longer than that

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I don’t believe the car has egr doesnit?

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It is not abnormal to show EGR: N/A. There is no EGR.
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