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Alex's 2002 WRX "D.Va"

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I figured I should probably start an organized thread on my car so I
can keep track of what I've done to the thing and so you can follow along as well :thumbup:

I bought the car bone stock (with the exception of white racing stripes) at about 98k miles
sometime in January after wanting something a bit more modern, modifiable, safe, and
more powerful than my first Subaru; the first being a 1993 N/A Legacy L, AWD, 5MT
which I've since sold to a friend. A picture of it can be found in the next reply below.
Eventually, the mod bug kicked in and I started to go crazy and I'm no where near
quenching my thirst.

This is what it looked like for the first few days or weeks of my ownership.​

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Automotive lighting Rim

Here are the results of about 6 or 7 months of ownership. I apologize for the poor
image quality, multiple uploads to social media and then re-downloading for re-posting
does not do images well.​

Alex's 2002 WRX "D.Va"​

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Automotive design Automotive exterior

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Automotive design Automotive fog light

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Automotive design Hood

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Personal luxury car Automotive design

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Automotive design Hood

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Automotive design Rim

Vehicle door Vehicle Car Car seat Automotive design

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Automotive lighting Automotive tail & brake light

Vehicle Car Gauge Steering wheel Speedometer

The Mod List



STi Blue Injectors
SPT Intake
Full eBay Turboback
Catless Uppipe
Grimmspeed EBCS
Napol Performance Coil Packs
UEL Headers
Protuned by John at Infront Automotive - 210WHP



JNC 005s; 18x9 on Sentey ($40pos) 225/40/18s
Raceland Primos
NNR Pink Spiked Extended Lugnuts



Alpine Type S Components (F), Coaxials (R), Dual 12" Subs
Pioneer 750w Amp
Pioneer X5700BHS
Suede Headliner
Aftermarket Front Seats
Fakeaf Junction Produce Accessories
Bubble Shift Knob
06/07 STi Center Console Conversion
Painted Center Console Metallic Grey
AutoTechnic Gauge Cluster
Blacked Out Interior (mostly)
Glowshift Gauges
Underseat/Dash Glow
LED Bulbs (White overhead, red dash/climate lighting)



  • C-West Replica Lip Kit
    eBay Projector Headlights
    Hella 500 Driving Lights
    Wing Risers
    Kakumei Taillight Covers
    IPCW/Spyder/Ricer/F&F TD Style Taillights
    Debadged Trunk
    C-West Style Grill
    Ganador Style Mirrors
    Sickspeed Neochrome Horns
    Yakima Q-Tower Roof Rack w/ Generic Basket



    Bone Stock :)

    Future/Impending Mods

    Carbon Blue Paint (Or Plastidip) Job
    ABW Motorsports 80mm Flares (Waiting for shipment)
    19x11 VSXX Reps, Toyo Proxes 4 Plus 275/30/19
    ISC 5x100-5x114.3 25mm Adapter
    Rear Diffuser
    Roof Diffuser
    Roof Visor
    Turbo Inlet
    Painted Engine Bay
    Too Much More To List

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I would avoid that type of wheel spacer/adapter like the plague. I have personally been involved with a vehicle where they failed at driving speed. if you need to change it would be in your best interest to find a way to use the sti hubs.

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Having trouble making an advanced reply, I'll see if what I posted earlier gets approved I guess though so I'll put the short and sweet version here:

I know how spacers and adapter's aren't the best method to get a wider "stance," although I've yet to hear anything about the ISC adapters failing, yet. I do hear stories of improperly installed ones (bolting/torquing some on and expecting them to stay on after a drive) or cheap eBay ones cracking though, so I get where you're coming from. Ideally I'd like to get STi hubs but I'm not sure if swapping out 80% of drivetrain components is in my price range :)
The spacers in question are spidertrax. They get rave reviews and the fans won't admit that they have failed although they have for several folks. I'm just looking out for you because when you have a wheel let go stopping or steering out of danger isn't as fun as you may imagine

It is expensive but there really isn't a whole lot of reason to swap, there are huge selections of wheels in the 5x100 and 5x114.5 variants.

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I hear where you're coming from - I'd like to stay 5x100 for simplicity but it's difficult for me to find a wheel in the sizes I need, the minimum is 11" in width paired with a low offset hence the need for some type of spacer - that said, is the same exact danger applicable to a spacer as well?

Any suggestions on a wheel in 18 or 19 size x11 or up?
Why would you want 11" wide wheels? That's a lot of rubber and you'll have nowhere to stuff it.

When you start messing with wheel offset you wind up messing with your suspension and steering geometry and rasing safety concerns. Spacers, way offset wheels, adapters all pull the tire away from the hub and the added leverage against it and the lugs can cause failures.

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I have an 80mm flare kit being shipped over from the UK; My current 18x9 wheels are going to be a little too small - it'll look odd with the flares to put it short.
I do intend on doing extensive modification to the fenders to ensure everything clears and to make full use of the kit as well -
I'm working with an group which specializes in Subaru performance/modifications like this - one of their race* cars is using
the same kit as I am and they're kind of walking me through everything.

*keyword: "racecar"; I've yet to ask how driveable their setup is, but the "racecar" looks like it's daily'ed by the owner. He's running 295s iirc.
Once my kit arrives I plan on communicating with the owner of the car w/ the flares already installed and the shop to see what my best options are for fitment - I won't be throwing them on without discussing what my options are :)

Sorry if I'm coming off as arrogant or opinionated/biased :/
Here's a picture of the Legacy I promised earlier as well ;)

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Sedan Automotive design
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Here's a little update on the engine.

Haven't gotten around to actually putting parts on, been working on cleaning the whole thing up and getting it pretty looking.

Painted the block a shade of (Ford?) blue, accessories and brackets are matte black and timing/head covers/intake manifold are colorshift.
Still got a few more parts to paint but it's looking a lot cleaner than before.

Leaving for California for a bit, once I get back i'll start working on Headgaskets and actually repairing the thing.

Engine Auto part Vehicle Car Automotive engine part
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Thought I'd drop in with an update. Car has been running and it runs well. Dropped in a new fuel pump and the car starts up normally now instead of taking 5 seconds. Still got misfires although it might just be due to the crank pulley and flywheel.

Lifted the car up a bit to prevent rubbing on the new flares I got. Gotta fix a few things here and there but we're making progress.


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