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i dont know the correct term for it but im talking about the wire screen that sits in the airflow meter housing positioned before the airflow meter sensor.
Ok heres the question,apart from trapping large objects which somehow get past the airfilter,does this wire screen serve as any other purpose?
The reason why i am concerned about this wire screen is because i once owned a R33 nissan skyline which has 2(one before the airflow sensor and one after)wire screens which with age were freying (sp?)so bad to the point where the turbo was about to swallow these two wire screens .....which cant be good.
On a side note,im guessing the restriction created by the wire screen through the airflow sensor housing to be around 25-35%(rough guess) :)
I dont intend on removing my wire screen at all but my guess as to why its there is to trap large objects which may be ingested if the airfilter was removed?? any thoughts guys..
sorry for the long thread.
thanks Trent
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