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First, I've got a 2002 WRX that was running around as Cobb Stage 2. I spun a rod bearing a couple weeks ago and am now rebuilding my engine. Going with ACL Bearings and Eagle rods, but I'm having trouble with pistons. I've got a VF39 and supporting equipment and wanted to run Cobb's vf39 maps, but the only aftermarket pistons I can find for under $800 are at least 8.3 CR rather than stock 8.0. I'd settled on Wiseco but just noticed they're 8.3 CR and I'm having trouble finding stock bore with stock CR

1) Would running the Wiseco 8.3 compression ratio screw up my tuning and force me to get a tune? (not really a possibility right now)

and 2) Should I just use the stock pistons and get a new ring set? What are they good for HP-wise?

I'm not planning on going over the Cobb tune, at least not for a long while, as I've got a project car to build when I get the Subie back on the road. Would the stock pistons suffice for the vf39 setup? Kinda feels half-a.. to aftermarket bearins and rods but not pistons.

Thanks in advance guys!
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