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Re: Re: Re: Re: AEM CAI slows you down?!

SobeWRX said:

thats like dyno testing an intercooler, it is very hard to get acurate results. the CAI obviously relies on getting cool air forced into the wheel well which will be diffacult to reproduce on a dyno.
the photos show a large fan blowing air over an open engine bay. weapon R did this, and was heckled off of the i club b/c the posted 5 hp gains, but with NO heatasoak on a cold car. :rolleyes: you can't win either way.

and if dyno graphs wouldn't convince you, than what tests would you suggest to support your theory? NONE? stands to reason that a mediocre test with some flaws is better than completely unfounded rash assumptions, no?. it is the only standardized test of power increases out there... so why argue if nothing will convince you? :rolleyes:

also , now that you mention the "once moving" principal, people on this board have tested the temps in the engine bay after the stock "fender fed" system was replaced, and found the inside the bay temps equal the outside ambiant temp EXACTLY. see HERE

so if you're not even pulling in cooler air, all you've got is a more constricted intake tract. there's no discussion about that being a negative, is there?

This is a link to subaru review on AEM CAI. notice more people said they felt a decrease in power than an increase. also note, anyone with a G-Tech or another analysis tool (like track times) said there was either no gain, or a loss in power from the part.

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