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I've come across what appears to be great WRX and this is what the seller has told me about the car. Unfortunately he likes almost 4 hours away so eyes on the car will take some coordination.

The following are direct "copy and paste" what he's said so far about the car.

built subaru wrx new motor an trans

45k miles on trans an motor

clean title. Made mid 400hp on 93 pump 500whp on e85

Wanted more power wasn't making it off the ej205 so swapped to an jdm ej208 forged internals. The Usdm factory ej205 is only good for 327-350whp

1000cc injectors
Aem 340lph fuel pump
Tomika racing billet td06 20g turbo with turbo blanket
Turbo xs fmic
Tgv delete
Turbosmart 50/50 bov
I have a tial 50mm bov with flange to go with it
Stage 3 clutch act yellow 6puck
Jdm 5speed 4.44 final drive
An **** ton more work

I daily it now, no issues
Yes work has been done myself with receipts I've been master tech cert for the past 6years. I run a mobile mechanic business so it's what I do for a living no half ass ****. Everything done correct an torqued to spec. Along with all fluids like a religion...

((I asked about the ej208 being a twin turbo converted to a single)) Cam and crank sprocket had to be switched out along with complete timing kit. Oil return line an supply line swapped. New intake manifold gaskets. Single oil return pipe lower back near exhaust side swapped out. The list is long that's the simple side. Yes anything you do with a subie you have to re tune for it. The platform build is simple but if not done correctly causes could be catastrophic an pre det. From a lean condition. I do not have pics it's on my own phone I have no issues meeting up letting you check it out.

Interiro is a little dirty she cleans up nice. Boss audio 7" touch screen
05 front seats. 4point harness on driver side.
Probly one of the cleanest headliners you'll see in a subaru
All 4 brand new sony speakers.

Thats all for now. What else should I ask about or look for when I get to see it?? I do plan to daily drive this car so reliability is vital.


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I don't feel qualified to say if what he has done is good or not, but i can give my opinion as to what that car likely can be. That is a black hole for money.

Built to the hilt or not, 400-500 whp in a 4pot isn't a daily driver and will take money and time to keep running as the likelihood for failure is very high.
the kind of reality check I need. For the untrained eye it sounds great at first but I'm oblivious to the long term effect of living with a car such as this one.
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