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AccessPort V2 Questions....

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I'm trying to see if anyone here found a work around for the V2 Accessport connectivity on the latest Windows 10? I contacted Cobb and they said to try and connect to a windows 7-8 (not 8.1) machine to see if I can update it from there. Problem is, all my machines are on the latest version of Windows 10 and I don't have access to any machines running Windows 7-8. Everyone I knows on OS 10. Its not the cable or AP, It connects to the car perfectly and even connects to my OS 10 machines perfectly and installs all drivers it just doesn't connect in the AP Manager software. It even shows it under device manager as the Cobb Device V2 accessport. So it's something funky with the Accessport Manager software I think. Re-install did nothing.
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Have you tried running the program in Win7/8 compatibility mode?
Wow cannot believe I Didn't try that of all things. I will give it a shot once I get to my shop and grab my AP. Thanks man, I'll let you know what goes down when I try it out.
No problem! I've been there too. Ended up overlooking something simple while I was convinced it was complicated. Hopefully it works for you.
Anyone know how long on average the updates take on the accessport V2? Finally got my V2 Accessport to connect on a Win 7 VM. Updated everything installed, it rebooted my accessport now it's sitting at Accessport is verifying update software. Been sitting on that for about 20 minutes now. Doesn't seem like it should take that long for it to verify.

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