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Accessport troubles missing green connectors

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I have a 2005 sti and im missing the green test mode connectors and the white/clear connector i found 4 wires taped off. Is there any way to install the accessport still? The wire colors are soild yellow soild black blue/red red/black
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If you find the right test mode wires you can connect them with a toggle switch, and it's easy to make a jumper for the other plug.. just use a wire with spade connectors as a bridge.
I'm kinda a noob when it comes to wiring but a jumper is just a wire that connects the two wires correct? and I take it the green connectors would be the spade connectors?
Yeah.. the wire would go where the jumper block gets plugged in. I would put a spade connector on each end of a short piece of wire and plug those in.

The green connectors would be connected with the toggle switch, since you can't drive the car with them hooked together (but they have to be plugged in to write to the ECU). Although I was thinking you said your car doesn't have the green connectors because a previous owner had cut the wires?
yeah the connectors are gone I found 2 wires that were taped hanging I'm assuming they are the correct ones I cant find a diagram on it for some reason I have blue/red black/red.
I figured out red/blue was male and red/black was female I didn't need to jump any wires
I wired a simple toggle switch between mine once they broke off. Makes it easier to go into test mode
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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