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ABS light comes on only at 90 mph in my 07 WRX

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Hello all I’m new to the forum and this is my first post. I recently bought this 07 WRX Wagon with a lot of miles but pretty cheap. It’s got some issues here and there, but still runs pretty strong and is still pretty fast.

Here’s my question, at 90 mph and only at 90 mph does the ABS light come on. The brakes are working fine, although the E break doesn’t work at all but besides that I have no issues with the brakes. Has anyone else ever experienced this problem with the ABS light? Or is my car just trying to tell me to slow down, lol.
I appreciate any insight that anyone might have.
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Someone's changed something. The hand brake is an independent mechanical device and uses separate drums on the back of the rear discs. It should work unless someone has done something like removed the gearbox and left things loose.

Your ABS light coming on intermittently is also suspicious. One plausible explanation is that there is a bad speed sensor or a bad connection to the speed sensor at one or more wheels.

I'd actually troubleshoot these two together. See if your rear axles are new or have been removed and see if the hand brake is disconnected or badly misadjusted. Then check the speed sensors on the rear wheels (I suppose; you have to start somewhere and you'll be back there anyway).
Thank you for the advice! That sounds like a great starting point.
OK good luck!
Is the light ABS or is it BRAKE?
Is the light ABS or is it BRAKE?
Its the ABS light.
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