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So a few months ago my brake lines on my 2002 impreza wrx sedan manual 2.0t were damaged and made a leak and an abs light pop up. I’ve found that I have a code 51 I know that means faulty relay but could it be something else causing it. My front right caliper is seizing when I try to reverse (I can reverse about 6 inches then the wheels goes into full lock) but when I’m rolling forward it couldn’t care less till I step on the brakes then it seizes but as soon as I set off it unseizes. No other wheel is doing it we jacked the car up and the wheel will spin in the forward direction with ease just a little grinding from the brake pad. But as soon as I try and spin it in the reverse direction it quickly becomes difficult to move and eventually locks. which is why I maybe believe that a sticking caliper is causing the code 51 but In someone’s mind which has an experience on abs. “Could a caliper that is seizing cause a code 51 or is the code 51 causing the caliper to seize”.
thanks In advance
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