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I've had my '02 WRX about 8 years. It now has about 116K miles. When I purchased the car, it had a bunch
of after market stuff installed by the dealer. Down pipe, (I believe it's a stock turbo), Cat Back
exhaust, BOV (which I made them change back to stock, as the PSSSSSST noise made
me nuts), cool air intake with oiled filter, which they ran into the right fender well. I shortened
the pipe and brought all under the hood to avoid the risk of pumping deep roadway H2O
into the motor. I also had an exhaust leak and downstream All of this years ago. This last year, the dealer did some recall work for a fuel
line that leak in cold weather upon start up. They had a hard time with the work, and as I recall,
there was some issue with some part "breaking" or that they needed to replace and required
a mechanic to come in on a Saturday.

Sometime after that, and I don't remember when (>50 yrs age issue, so no smart ass kid comment please)
I started getting P1088 and P0171 codes together or separately. The odd thing is that one or both will CEL
at a variable distance from home. Sometimes 10 miles from home and the next day 150 miles from home.
The car never goes into "Limp" mode, but does sometimes feel rough and buck on acceleration. My highway mileage has decreased
from 25 MPG to 22 highway. It may not seem like much, but I currently drive 180 miles (total) a day to and from work, so it adds up.

I maintain my own vehicles, when so synthetic oil/(high end) oil filter changes every 3000-4000 K miles. I put a new
(Bosch) downstream O2 sensor at about 50K miles and 4 years ago. At which time there was an exhaust leak just
before the down stream sensor, NAPA was the only place that I could find the 3 1/2- 4" (I don't remember the size) silver colored
compression ring. I really love the (daily driver) car and I have put a lot of $ into it this year. I (personally) replaced all of the Struts,
Front and Rear Sway bars with Eibach parts, in addition to the usual stuff (Brembo drilled and slotted rotors and brakes 3 yrs ago).

I cleaned the MAF more than once, and the CEL's returned. In the last few weeks, I replaced the MAF, upstream 02 sensor and 3 yr old fuel filter.
The same CELs returned, so I took the 02 WRX (daily driver) to my local mechanic (Import Cars) last Wed for a Thurs appointment. They called me Fri PM
to say that they're "working on it." Today, Sat. he called and says that the diagnosed problem is a "turbo area" exhaust leak and an "intake boot tear."
He said that the former might have caused the latter, he's checking for part availability, but it's a PIA issue to rip it all apart. So more money$$$$$, is my read.

Can someone show me a pic of the "intake boot?" Part availability, options and anticipated reasonable costs?

Thanks ,

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He may be talking about the inlet, which is a true scourge to replace with the manifold on the car. I can't access photos right now but the inlet is known to tear.

The PO171 may come back as long as the correct intake and filter are not used, but it'll also come up for a torn inlet so you have to fix the existing leak first and wait. I don't know about the other CEL code.

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It is hard to imagine the dealer not seeing that when the manifold was off.
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