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I'm not sure if this is the right thread, but since the centerpoint of this question is a large exterior piece, I put it here.

I'm interested in teh real-world influence of the STi wing. So I'm curious if anyone who has gone from an STi wing to a smaller or no wing, or from a smaller wing to the STi wing, has noticed a difference in their car. Other than the visual aspects, what about highway driving? Has the car's behaviour changed when hit with a strong cross-wind? If you do high-speed runs, especially on a roadcourse track, does the car handle differently?

I think it would be good to hear some subjective, and possibly some objective views of the STi wing's performance in the real world. We've certainly had plenty of discussion over the appearance of it, but not much discussion on any benefits. Is one of Subaru's most recognizeable features on its flagship just a showpiece as people say?

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