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Looking for trades for unmodded Wrx's or Sti's as well but only clean ones. Would prefer 06/07 but depending on condition and value might have to throw money on top or strait trade. As far as 2.5i's 06/07 only but will definitely need a lot of money your way. Maybe even an 08/09 2.5i. Depends on scenerio of course. Make an offer. If trading I'd prefer you be local so I can look over the car at my dealer. I refuse to meet in the middle of no where for a trade without being able to take a real good look at a car.

Well I believe it's about time to sell this car. I'm only getting older and it's my daily driver. I can't seem to continue wanting to drive it every day let alone just keep it. As long as I have it I will be always dumping money into it and I'd rather put the money elsewhere for now.

Back in March 2001 I purchased this car with 17.500 miles and fell in love. I swore I'd keep it forever. One day I will just buy another one and swap it. Bare with me on mods and details because there is so many tiny things or brands I may not remeber or info I should post up because my mind is all over the place.

This car swap originally started as a complete 2004 wrx swap. Basically the only parts on the car that wasn't swapped over was the seats. So to move to the sti engine swap the basics were done like keeping the 04's ecu and intake manifold.

I'm looking to get 15k for the car but obviously will accept offers. Lowballers don't even bother. Lets keep this thread on topic and people talking trash will be reported. Again I'm sure there are things I've forgot so forgive me if I add things or answer questions people are asking since it's just so much info off the top of my head.


-2008 Sti short block aprox 18k miles
-2009 wrx heads
-tgv deletes
-short ram intake with bigger maf housing (can't remember what brand)
-FP HTA 68 turbo with maybe 10k on the clock
-invidia bellmouth 3" dp
-Blitz Nur Spec R cat back
-Crawford AOS
-grimmspeed ported and coated crossover pipe
-grimmspeed expternal waste gate set up with tial 44mm gate
-hallman pro manual boost controller
-weiseco pistons and I believe they bumped up the compression ratio to 8:5
-option racing aluminum radiator with slim fans
-Agency power hard turbo inlet pipe powder coated crinkle black
-cosworth cam sensor bracket
-billit pitch stopper
-group n motor mounts
-ngk iridium one step colder plugs (less then a month old)
-Dyno tuned by Ray from Turbotek. The car put down 319 whp and 343 ft lbs of tq at 20 lbs. I ran out of boost controller because I had the light spring in. Swapped it out for the hard spring and got retuned by ray at 23 lbs. I'd imagine to be in the 340-350 whp or so range with obviously more tq.
I think that could be it for engine mods. lol


-2005 LGT gears with wrx 3.54 stock gear ratio
-Group N trans mount
-Kartboy short shifter with busings and turn in concepts bushings
-Prodrive shift knob
-Act heavy duty pressure plate/6 puck clutch
-street light flywheel
-trans snout repair kit. Put it on because I figured I liked it riding on the metal tube then the stock housing.
-Fresh Redline 75-90 gear oil

About two years ago I took my 5 speed and replaced everything with lgt gears. I also got brand new bearings and syncro's. So the only thing that was old was the case itself. About two months ago I chipped a tooth in third so I started skipping it. A couple weeks later I lost second so I rebuilt the gears again. So basically the only gears that weren't replaced was 1st gear on the pinion side and 5th gear. The rest of the gears are brand new and a week old.


-Jdm version 8 sti seats
-Usdm rear sti seat
-04' wrx dash with 2004 Sti gauge cluster
-Black Ript carpet (could use some work in the back)
-Older sony head unit
-Nrg quick release
-Nardi steering wheel
-Prosport boost gauge/egt/oil pressure. Only the boost gauge is hooked up. Seems to be screwed up as of now and bought a brand new Defi racer boost gauge but is uninstalled currently.
-AEM wideband Gauge


-Carbotech bobcat front pads
-Advance auto rear pads
-SS Goodridge brake lines


-2004 Sti BBS wheels freshly powder coated gold. These things were mint before powder coated. Then for the first time in my life curbed one. Going to remove and grind down damage and paint match.
-Bridgestone Potenza S04 tires. 215/45/16 with aprox 5000 miles. Tons of tread left


-ISC coilovers with the track springs
-Whiteline front sway bar
-Gab front strut bar with the ends painted cherry blossom red
-Whiteline Anti Lift Kit
-Kartboy front endlinks
-Kartboy hard outrigger rear diff bushings
-FHI 20 mm rear sway bar
-Rear strut bar (had it so long can't remember what brand it was)


-Bakemono carbon fiber high rise scoop
-version 5/6 front grill
-Painted side skirts
-Version 5 ebay front lip
-Orange corner lights
-clear side markers
-Red and clear tail lights
-Prodrive Rb5 replica wing (also picked up a red wingless trunk and an M5 trunk lip)
-HT Auto 22b vents (Also have silver genuine 22b vents that I haven't gotten painted yet)
-JDM Version 5 rear bumper
- Front and rear lightweight bumper beams
-JDM rear spats
-McCullugh 5k hid kit
-Fog light covers.

I think that about covers most of it.

I'll also have to calculate the mileage on the body but should be around 150k give or take. Body is probably one of the better I've seen for the year. Rear quarters are showing signs of rust starting to form but is not rotted or bubbled yet. Car would be great with a paint job but isn't to bad.

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Thanks. After 11 years of ownership I can't say I'd change anything. Still love the car and going to miss all the power.

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Took some regular pictures and interior pictures since I thought I already had some on web shots. In the pictures the car looks perfect. Keep in mind this car is 13 years old so the paint isn't tip top but looks damn good when cleaned up. There is also some rock chips on the hood.


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God I wish I had the money!!!!!!!!! But I think my wife would kill me if I got another car. Bump for one awesome ride.
Sad for you. My old lady just bought me an 04 STI for a donor car to build my RSTI. Gorgeous car OP! Did you do the majority of the work yourself?

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Sad for you. My old lady just bought me an 04 STI for a donor car to build my RSTI. Gorgeous car OP! Did you do the majority of the work yourself?
Yes I did all the work. I'm a subaru tech so I'm pretty handy with them. lol

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Sale on a short temporary hold. had a couple things come up and if things go the way I hope there could be a slight chance I will be repainting the car. So the price will then go up. lol
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