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My wife borrowed the car the other day.:rolleyes: When she returned, she told me that she had topped it off:) but that she wasn't sure what type of gas she was supposed to use.:mad: She told me that she put 89 in "just to be safe".:eek:

I wasn't sure what this would do to the car,:confused: but I figured if nothing else it would be a good exuse to try out some of that Octane Booster.:p I picked some up at the store and put it in the tank before I left the parking lot.:cool: I then took it for a short drive to "mix it in w/ the gas".:D I didn't notice any ill effects from the low octane gas on my way to the store, but I didn't drive it that hard either.

When I got home I figured it wouldn't hurt to reset the ECU so I disconnected the negetive batt. cable and stood on the brake for a few seconds. Lost my stereo settings.:(

The Box tells me that I can't use any more smilie faces in my post. Too Many.:eek:

Later, T.J.
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