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I'll post my review here as well just in case anyone in SoCal hates car shopping as much as I do:

I just bought my new 2018 WRX Premium for $500 below invoice from Paul at Bob Baker Subaru. I was super skeptical because I couldn't get a nearby dealer (I live in LA) to even do invoice. I tried to get the -$500 to -$1000 deal from the NJ dealer here on the forums, but apparently they don't deal with Californians anymore.

I was super skeptical about Bob Baker Subaru, figuring that maybe I'd make the 104-mile trip out there, and they would try to sneak in advertising or dealership charges, but there were none. It was literally the Edmunds invoice price minus $500 plus tax, license, registration, and an $80 doc fee. According to Google the doc fee can be as low as $65 in CA. So I guess I got burnt there ?

I asked if it was cool that I share my deal on the forums and Paul said he'd be happy to extend the same deal on any Subaru to anyone on the forum. So, I guess just mention that you're from the forums and he'll cut to the chase. I was in and out of the dealership in just under and hour including the test drive. I am positive that if you are a hardcore deal hunter and price grinder, you can find a slightly better deal. But if a no-fuss $500 below invoice sounds as good to you as it did to me, there's one waiting for you in SD, CA.
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