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Just got done arguing with some genius on PS4 who kept claiming he has an actual usdm 2003 STi. Not jdm, euro or anywhere else but USDM. He says he has a conservative tune of 430whp and here's his mod list.
5 inch UP pipe
5 inch down pipe
2 tial ewgs post turbo
5 inch straight pipe
Stock injectors
like 99% of his "usdm 03 STi" is stock lol
Oh ya, it's a 2.0 block and also has paddle shifters
He used his custom made virtual dyno that's guaranteed 100% accurate

He says people just don't know cars as well as him and other tuners are jealous of him.
I couldn't stop laughing at all the bs spewing from his mouth while I was trying to argue that there is no way in hell he has an 03 usdm STi, 400 whp and all of his other bs.

So an hour later, I have 1 less friend on psn and a hell of a story for clubwrx. Lol

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lmao. you know right off the bat claiming 5" anything on a car that already has 0 engine bay space is a lie, as well as stock injectors.

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You can make 600hp and over 1000ft/lbs out of a 4 inch pipe on a cummins. I can say with confidence nope.

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Wow....... lol. I have ran into a few guys online with Subaru's that know what they are talking about. But there is always more of these guys. 2003 USDM STi? right............. 5 inch exhaust...... right....... lmao
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