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Ok. Thank you. I let it sit in my garage for an hour and went to crank it up. Still showed 10.5. Could it be because I’m almost out of gas? It showed 12.1 for 2 weeks of driving. Does it indicate a problem or will it go back to 12.1
Go to 3rd gear and at 3000rpm just flat foot it. You'll probably see boosts upwards of 20psi.

It is probably based off of mileage. Highest over so many miles.

Boost is not just made without load. You've got to have the engine loaded to make boost. If you cruise around under minimal throttle you'll see little to no positive manifold pressures. If you are flat footing every gear you'll see a high average.

Someone cruising 55 in 6th across corn country where the biggest hill is the speed bump in the highschool parking lot you will see minimal if any positive manifold pressures.

If you are doing the same thing up the rocky mountains you'll be probably over boosting the shit out of it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts