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I installed a new Extreme Turbo Systems (ETS) top mount intercooler on the WRX.

Important notes:
1. This intercooler is about 10 lbs more than the OEM top mounted intercooler. The weight is about 18-20 pounds. Why is this important: mounting it requires careful attention to thread the mounting bolts on the brackets and the intake. If you are rushing this or using a power wrench, you’re going to be sorry when you strip the brackets or mounting points on the intake. Prop the cooler (or get a buddy to help you) so that you can thread the mounting bolts by hand, and ensure a proper fit and installation.

2. I had to switch to a Mishimoto catch can because the Radium hoses were interfering on the back of the intercooler. Mishimoto’s hoses are shorter and crimped, so they route very easily to provide space for the intercooler.

3. You will need to swap the O-ring from the OEM intercooler (output side) and place it in the grooves for the new intercooler.

4. The charge pipe has a gasket, and you simply unbolt the assembly and place it on the new intercooler.

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If you have questions about this installation, feel free to ask me.
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