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Hello all, the growing family is pushing me to sell my beautiful 2020 wrx. I purchased brand new in Jan 2021 with 69 miles on it(yes 69). I decided to have some fun and with the help of subaru Ventura master mechanic we turned this wrx into a more fun more reliable vehicle. It's been daily driven to my work which is 5miles away with a few trips to San Diego (highway miles) for some upgrades from Subishop. Leaving only 4,000miles on the car (still brand new smell). On the daily driver tune the car hits 375hp. On deathpunch your looking at about 450hp (only drove it once on this mode and that was enough for me). Below are some of the mods done to the car. Hate to see her go but the family is growing and we need somthing bigger. Was a fun little project for the months that I had. Would love to pass on to some else who enjoys these vehicles. Happy to answer any questions. Car is garages in Ventura California. Happy to answer any questions or show additional photos. Call/text 805 394 8211

IAG V3 Street AOS,
CoBB FlexFuel kit (e85)
GS chargepipe and TM intercooler,
COBB 3 Port boost Solenoid,
DW300 fuel pump,
TURBOXS 3" J Pipe,
EGR and TGV deletes
Invidia r300 catback
Custom headlights
AccessPort (with tunes)
tunes included (Rob Watson tuned)
-Deathpunch(crazy tune mode)
-crackle tune(pop pop pop)
-modest daily tune
Vehicle registration plate Car Tire Plant Grille
Wheel Vehicle Car Tire Window
Speedometer Car Trip computer Odometer Automotive lighting
Car Gear shift Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Speedometer
Car Land vehicle Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive design
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