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Thank you guys for your input.
I called Cobb like you said, and they were very helpful.

I told them I have a Mishimoto intake and they said they do not have a map that supports that intake and that the only way to run it safely with that intake would be to get a protune.

They recommended I get a Cobb Big SF Intake and run their Stage 1+BigSF MAP and that it would be perfectly fine this way.

Also, despite all that I have heard from people on forums saying you need a tune for a catback exhaust, they informed me that anything catback (including muffler delete), does NOT require a tune. They said you only need a tune if you change your downpipe, because that is where the O2 sensors are.

So long story short, I will sell my Mishimoto CAI, purchase a Cobb BigSF air intake, run the Stage 1+BigSF tune, add a muffler delete, and be perfectly fine.

Hopefully this helps others that are in a similar situation to mine!
Make sure you get injectors too while your at it.

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1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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