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These things happen. Just be patient and keep taking it to a dealership to have it fixed under warranty. Keep all records of taking it in. As someone told you before, the lemon laws work on a 'cumulative' basis over a certain period of time. And they are not a cut and dried thing where you just say I have a lemon and you get a new car. You will have to file in court for it and there will likely be back and forth between lawyers and even a mediation board and such. (I did this for a motorcycle once) It is far less messy and time consuming to just keep taking it to a dealership to get the bugs worked out.

Mine had a CEL come on for an O2 sensor at 35K miles -- way too early. I disconnected the plug at the sensor and reconnected and that solved it (don't know why.) But such bugs happen. Just be patient and let the dealership do their thing. My dealership had coffee and donuts in their lounge; I actually like going in once in a while................
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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