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For sale is my OEM set of 2018 WRX Limited LED headlights. They are only a few months/4,000 miles old (car bought in July) and have had Xpel protection film installed over them since week 1 (still on), so they are in virtually perfect condition.

They are completely stock/original except that the inner amber corners lenses have been replaced with dark smoked ones (I have the original orange ones still as well). The smoked lenses were bought from SubiSpeed. Also included/installed will be all the proper bulbs and such.

I am not 100% sure what is needed to make the '18 Limited lights work in different trims/years, but I'm sure they can be wired to work. You'll have to consider that the harness/plug/pins is probably different than other versions, turn signals are integrated in the lights in these ones (not separate lights in the bumper), and the lights are steering responsive.
I'm not familiar with getting it all to work in a different WRX/STI, or if the steering responsiveness can be bypassed, etc. Unless you are buying these to replace another '18 WRX/STI Limited's lights, you will have to do some research/work to get these to work I am sure - keep that in mind if you are buying these for a retrofit project!

PM me if interested. Will ship well packaged, with insurance and tracking. Payment via PayPal and US shipping only.

MSRP is $1,800 ($900 per light) but I'm asking $1,500 shipped w/ insurance/tracking. As mentioned, this includes the Xpel film installed on them, the smoked corner lenses in the housings, the original amber corner lenses as well, and all bulbs are installed and working.

Recent photos of actual headlights for sale:

Before the corner amber lenses were replaced with smoked ones:
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