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SO I hit a pothole at significant speed in the dark yesterday and pinched the sidewall of my right front tire enough that it is bubbled and leaking air. SO I need a new one. Evidently this is a bit of a problem.

The OEM tires on my 18 STI are Yokohama Advan Sport V105-G The Tire says V105 on the sidewall near the size, BUT BUT in the smaller print with the other Yokohama info, it says V105-G. Tire rack lists V105-G as OEM equp, NOT V105.

V105-G and V-105 are not the same tire. CLOSE but not exactly the same.
V105G has a lower speed and load rating than V105 (89W vs 93Y) and the -G is 1-2 lbs lighter and 1/10" inch wider than V105.
I suppose OEM tires are evidently subaru spec and not the run of the mill Yokohama tire. Yokohama doesnt even list the 105G on their web site.

I know AWD is sensitive and I dont know if 1-2 lbs is enough of a difference to matter when replacing 1 or 2 tires but I dont want to roll the dice, but finding a V105-G is challenging

FWIW the V105G is about $40 cheaper and a LOT less available than the V105. NO tire shop has the 105G and they cant seem to get it anytime soon as its on backorder even at tire rack.

I called 5 subaru dealers hoping they stock them and 4 were out. One is able to get one tomorrow for me and will install it.
The new tire has 10/32nd tread depth and the one its replacing has 8/32nds. Per the 2 subaru service advisors I asked, they said thats fine and within tolerance reccomended of 2/32. Are they right, I dont know for sure.

BUT OEM tire size/kind/model bought from Subaru parts dept, installed at Subaru service = hopefully under warranty if anything goes awry.
Hopefully I can find a place to get the tire shaved to match the other 3 to be sure.
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