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2017 WRX - Steering wheel control adapter and harness for Pioneer Stereo

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Hello all,

Has anyone successfully moved to an aftermarket stereo yet? I'm looking to put in a Pioneer 5800 and would like to keep steering wheel controls and backup camera.

Other than that does this require anything else? I've heard you use the 2015 faceplate, anyone have a link for that?

Will this require or be made easier with a wiring harness, and anyone have a link to it if it's needed/helpful?

I have a JL 900/5 amp to put under passenger seat, alpine 10" sub and box for the rear, pioneer speakers in front doors (probably need to upgrade those someday), doors pretty sealed with Noico butyl vibration stuff. I know I'll need rewiring of speakers, will let the installer pick that part.

What ELSE am I forgetting?

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i have a 2017 coming to me tomorrow, should be same as 16 for steering wheel and camera.

Maestro SW will work for you on controls, and you will need a 6 volt trigger for the camera turn on.
Excellent. I'll check back in with you after tomorrow see how it goes.

The radio should provide a trigger charge yes, but probably 12v, so I'll need a converter.

i would say the metra kit isnt so bad either, if you try to move to the 15 dash, it isnt as simple as the metra kit. you have to buy the dash plate and vent assembly, since they are different....i did it in mine previously.

then when the metra was out, i switched it over and sold my 15 setup. i am perfectly happy with the metra faceplate.
Ah, excellent, good to know I'll look that up. I'm not a purist, so long as it looks good I'm fine.
the vehicle in question has appeared, stay tuned for updates on this over a course of a couple weeks. I have a ton of work to do for my job and i will get to this as soon as possible.

the radio is no better in the 17 then it was in the 16...... it is easily the worst factory stereo i have ever heard minus an original vw beetle from the 60-70's........ no seriously...its that bad
I'll certainly stay tuned!
Metra 99-8907HG Single DIN Dash Kit for Select 2015- Subaru Impreza and Crosstrek Vehicles (Black) $28.41

Metra 40-LX11 Antenna Adaptor Cable - Select 2009-Up Lexus/Toyota $11.99

Metra 70-1761 Radio Wiring Harness For Toyota 87-Up Power 4 Speaker $4.79

Axxess AX-SUB28SWC Prewired Steering Wheel Control Harness for Select Subaru $13.95
you're using the axxess? easier d/t just plugging in? ordered *ahem* the other one but thinking of returning for simplicities sake.

Was juuust about to ask about those other 3, great timing lol.
im not using the ASWC..... im using the 28 pin harness, i cut their plug
lol, ah, makes more sense (from you)
Does that Metra bezel fit the AC vents for the 17'?

I bought a JDM all black bezel, but i'm looking for a set of 15' ac vents so they can pop in correctly.

Anyone know where I can find these vents?
I have a '17 as well and just ordered that bezel (metra). I hope so, but will know in a couple of days.
Anyone know if the AC part that is needed to retrofit a 2015 center dash bezel is just the AC trim? I'm guessing the actual vents and button harness are re-used correct?
you just need the vents from a 15 and the plastic, dont need any switches at all. Climate switches match exactly. i have a spare set if any one needs the climate switches....... i ordered the 15 dash assembly complete (waste of money honestly) there is also a scosche kit that i think looks better that i was just shown today

SU2031B | by Scosche
I called Scosche and the guy told me that it was not supported on the 17. But on the website I see a flush top bezel (no tabs). However if you do a google search you see other pics of this Scosche model with tabs...

Is it confirmed that Scosche does not need the vents?
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