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After roughly 12 years of looking at getting a car (mostly) for me, I finally bought a brand new 2017 Wrx Premium a few weeks ago! It's got 2000 miles on it, has already seen lots of snow/ice, and seems to get very good MPG's. So far it is living up to my expectations and more:D I bought it a dealership in Tacoma, even though I wasn't expecting to buy it for a few more months. I wasn't expecting to buy new, either, but these cars used resale values are ridiculous! Most new prices were cheaper than the crazies selling their usedWRX with a few bolt ons for more than new prices:screwy: Looking to join a local Subie club and experience the Subaru community thing- already my hand is sore from all the fellow Subaru owners waving at me. will post a few pics soon. Before and after tint
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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