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2017 WRX Premium CWP

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Not much of a build thread as I am fighting the mod bug as hard as possible, but it's hard not to post pictures. Not even 200 miles, I got a long 800+ ahead of me.

Performance mods:
AP Cobb Stage 1 OTS 91

Appearance (not really) mods:
Vinyl roof
Vinyl mirrors
Gloss black painted wheels
Window tint
Rally Armor mud flaps
LED High, Low, and C-lights.


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710 miles:Just installed LED low beams, high beams, and c lights. Rally Amor flapjacks go on tomorrow.
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Headlamp White

Land vehicle Car Headlamp Vehicle Automotive lighting

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Bumper Alloy wheel
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Looks great! CWP was definitely my second choice of color after WRB. How much did it cost to wrap your roof or did you do it yourself?

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Thanks. The dealer had wrapped the car before so I didn't cost me a thing. The wife vetoed the Red STi Limited I wanted to buy and the salesman suggested this one they wrapped and with tint already installed. I saved $11k and I'm pretty happy with it. Though I really wanted leather seats. The white also gets dirty real quick.
Finally hit the 1k mark! It took forever. Pushed it pretty hard on the stock tune for about 6 miles before I flashed stage 1 91. What a difference. So much more linear on the throttle.

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can you link the led products? they look great, how have they been running?
can you link the led products? they look great, how have they been running?
They are from 3 of the c-lights have burnt out.
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