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Hey Guys,

I'm new to the forum and hope you are able to give me some advice. My 2017 limited 6 MT has been literally coming out, popping out, of 2nd gear when I am not touching the gas, brake or clutch. I am slowing down, coasting to stop or usually, I will be slowing to make a turn. RPM is above idle. I have 7400 miles and this has happened 14 times. It recently came out of 1st gear. The car is in no way abused and has never been speed shifted. The car is stock. no mods. The dealer drove it for a few miles, and guess what nothing went wrong. I sent a letter to Subaru HQ and they said the same thing as the dealer, If they can't reproduce it, they can't fix it. I have set up a go pro type camera on the arm rest, video will be upside down. Does any body have any suggestions? I have had at least 6 other MT cars since the late 70's, never have had this problem, nor has anyone else I have spoken to. This does not occur with our 2013 WRX 5 door, which has Cobb AP, intake and exhaust.
Thanks any recommendations would be appreciated.
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Take it to a completely different dealership and make telephone contact with Subaru of America.
If you have an action camera film it for them. Try to get the shifter and speedo in the shot.
There is probably a detent spring broken or missing. Make sure everything with the dealer and Natiional is documented. Ideally, communicate via email and save copies. For telecons, note date, time and employee name, then summarize the conversation.

If you feel you are at a dead end, respond to Soob customer service in an email that includes all details, copy to [email protected] and [email protected]. That is the US president and US marketing weenie. They don't read the emails themselves, of course, but those boxes are monitored and you should get a response. I used that technique a couple of weeks ago and got a near-instant reply from someone who solved my problem.
Try shifting it around while the car is shut off and see if anything feels out of place. i know that with mine if i pushed the shifter too far to the left it would do it sometimes. i fixed that issue by closing up the shift gate gap with a perrin shifter stop. the other thing you can do is have Subaru order you a STi short throw shifter that they make and have them install it. if that doesnt fix the issue then i dont know thats all i got for you. best of luck
Thanks guys

Thanks for the advice and email addresses. I just ordered a go pro attachment so I can put it on the side window, not sure how to get it to show the speedo or tach.
I think I failed to say that it has popped out of first gear three times over the last month.

WRX popping out of 2nd and now 1 st gear

Has anyone had success with Subaru taking responsibility and correcting this issue? There are only a few reasons why this can occur, assuming your foot does not rest on the clutch pedal or your hand on the stick.
One of my friends had this exact problem on his 2013 WRX and Subaru ended up replacing his transmission after a lot of personal visits to the service manager and contacting SOA.

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