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Hey everyone,
You can find me driving on the long flat roads in Texas! :)

I took advice from a lot of people regarding tuning my car, 2017 WRX Premium.
I recently purchased it and wanted to wait until after my break-in period to do something about the horrible rev hang (going from 1st to 2nd).
I took the risk and ended up buying the Cobb AccessPort (
I received it today and installed it on my car with 1,100 miles.
I was worried about voiding my warranty and my car becoming inoperable, but the entire procedure is seamless and painless.

Before connecting the Accessport to your car's OBD-II connection, ensure that the firmware is updated to the latest version on the Accessport.
Once you register your Accessport, Cobb's support team will send you the download link for the software.

I chose to go with the "Stage 1 91 Octane" map since my car is still basically stock.
And its not advisable to use the "93 Octane" maps, if you use octane fuel with a rating of '91'/

I am more than satisfied with the Accessport and Stage 1 Tune. The throttle isn't as sensitive in the first gear and the boost gauge is more consistent.
The clutch has been optimized as well. It is easier and quicker to find the friction point without even thinking about it.
Lastly, the rev hang issue has been resolved going from 1st to 2nd! :) --- I was most excited about this.

If you're hesitant about buying the Accessport, don't be! It was def worth it in the end.

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Are you running the MAPerformance tune or the Cobb tune? [if Cobb, why not the MAP?]
I've done more research on Cobb instead of MAP, but I came across a few comments that the MAP tuning is for more performance improvement (higher increase in HP and torque, than Cobb tunes). I'm initially looking at tunes that enhances driveability due to the fact that I do more city driving than highway driving (although every now and then I like to take it to the highways and do several highway pulls ;)

Have you done any MAP tunes? And if so, what would you recommend?
I will look at performance tunes down the road, but not right now since my car is still new and I don't want to go all out yet.

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I am really interested on your thoughts on the Cobb OTS Stage 1 (91) on a stock car. I am contemplating getting a Access Port, and just running the Stage 1 OTS tune indefinitely (I can swing the AP, but not the further cost of tuning)

I am really only looking to improve driveability. My biggest gripes with the stock tune are:

1. Throttle Mapping
2. Inconsistent/Hesitant acceleration above 3,500 rpms
3. Hesitant Acceleration From a stop

I don't drive aggressively, but there are times I need to get ahead of someone from a stop, and I feel alot of the time when I try and need to accelerate quickly, it sometimes just feels sluggish. Also, when accelerating from 3,500rpm and up, it just seems sometimes the acceleration is strong, and somewhat linear, but other times I feel like the acceleration is hitting a brick wall.

How do you feel the Stage 1 OTS is vs the stock tune in those types of situations?

What is holding me back is:
1. I don't want to have to drive around with the AP connected and mounted all the time

2. I have time to mess with and troubleshoot potential issues with the car. I don't' what to have to collect logs, and chase problems.

3. I hear the Stage 1 OTS runs richer then the stock map, and since our cars already have fuel dilution issues, it may not be the best thing to run long term (This is hearsay, I don't know for sure)

I see alot of hate on the Cobb Stage 1 OTS, however there are many variables like people running it with different mods, or maybe mods it wasn't designed for, people running it on different octane levels, and "Power Snobs" who have unrealistic expectations on what it should do.
I was really hesitant at first about it, because the car is new and I haven't even done my first service yet on the car.
After a lot of research, the Cobb AP turned out to be dependable. The entire process only took 5 minutes, after you update the firmware on the Cobb AP using your computer.
I encountered a minor issue when it was updating. The software said "Do not unplug from computer... Update in progress."
It was stuck on this screen for nearly half an hour and I decided to unplug and restart the AP and the updated firmware actually did get installed successfully.
After that, I connected it to the OBD-II port (right above the clutch pedal - to the left a little bit) and it took about 5 minutes for the AP to backup my stock ECU and flash it with the Cobb Stage 1 OTS (91 Octane)

I'm in the same boat as you as well. I'm not planning to go all out with the modding and might run Stage 1 OST for a while.
The throttle mapping and the rev hang (from 1st to 2nd) are horrendous on stock tune.
I didn't like the accelerator pedal at all from a complete stop because it was so sensitive.
Sometimes I would over rev by accident when I barely place force on the accelerator pedal.
The car was also jerky while in lower gears (at least for me it was).

I was prepared to resolve potential issues as well while flashing the ECU, but thankfully I didn't encounter any :)
The entire process was quick and seamless (although I drove my car for a few minutes prior so the battery won't lose voltage while the flash is in progress).

Now I'm enjoying the car more. The rev hang has been reduced. It's still there but its not as bad as it was with stock tune.
I can cruise in a parking lot in 1st gear and its so smooth, no jerkiness at all.
I have no fear of stalling the car, because the clutch control has been improved. It is much easier to get the car rolling from a stop and slightly add gas if needed.
You can also adjust the idle RPM with the Cobb AP if you have the fear of stalling when moving from a stop.
The accelerator pedal isn't sensitive at all anymore in 1st gear :)
The boost is consistent all the way to redline as well.
Lastly, the Cobb AP doesn't need to be mounted to the car at all, after you flash the ECU.
People only leave it connected for data logging and to monitor different gauges :/

You should definitely get the Cobb AP.
Totally worth it.
Make sure to purchase from MAPerformance because you get all Cobb OTS maps for free, as well as MAP OTS maps (double win!)
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