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I am really interested on your thoughts on the Cobb OTS Stage 1 (91) on a stock car. I am contemplating getting a Access Port, and just running the Stage 1 OTS tune indefinitely (I can swing the AP, but not the further cost of tuning)

I am really only looking to improve driveability. My biggest gripes with the stock tune are:

1. Throttle Mapping
2. Inconsistent/Hesitant acceleration above 3,500 rpms
3. Hesitant Acceleration From a stop

I don't drive aggressively, but there are times I need to get ahead of someone from a stop, and I feel alot of the time when I try and need to accelerate quickly, it sometimes just feels sluggish. Also, when accelerating from 3,500rpm and up, it just seems sometimes the acceleration is strong, and somewhat linear, but other times I feel like the acceleration is hitting a brick wall.

How do you feel the Stage 1 OTS is vs the stock tune in those types of situations?

What is holding me back is:
1. I don't want to have to drive around with the AP connected and mounted all the time

2. I have time to mess with and troubleshoot potential issues with the car. I don't' what to have to collect logs, and chase problems.

3. I hear the Stage 1 OTS runs richer then the stock map, and since our cars already have fuel dilution issues, it may not be the best thing to run long term (This is hearsay, I don't know for sure)

I see alot of hate on the Cobb Stage 1 OTS, however there are many variables like people running it with different mods, or maybe mods it wasn't designed for, people running it on different octane levels, and "Power Snobs" who have unrealistic expectations on what it should do.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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