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Hey guys, recently flashed my 2017 base with the 91 octane normal waste gate, stage 1. I jacked up my first data log, I had the gauges set but apparently I didn't change the gauges I wanted data logged in the settings. Just logged it in 3rd gear with correct gauges, I notice 2 things. The first is that there are sections of Fine Knock Learning at 0.35. Not sure if that is okay or not, I can't seem to find information regarding positive numbers, only -1.8 etc. so that could be good or bad, I'm new to this. The second thing is the target peak boost is 19psi. Before the flash I was getting anywhere from 17-19. With this flash and the target 19psi, I am getting about 15psi average with 16-16.5psi for a split second. It was the same on my first log where boost was the only thing logged other than coolant temp and other things I didn't want logged, and it didn't reach past 15-16ish. I've heard people getting low boost down in 12-13psi so I guess this isn't BAD or anything crazy, but before I try the HWG I wanted to check with you guys. I don't want to run something that would cause more stress to the engine and what not if it isn't all that necessary. The car is still faster and no more rev hang, touchy throttle and the boost that is there is held and it doesn't die out at 4k. I'm loving it, it feels so much better in every way, so I'm pretty content if it's not reaching past 16. Will the HWG consume more gas if I drive the car the same way (not crazy, lots of highway commuting to work). I was going to do a second log with a realtime flash of the HWG, but after the normal log, my boost said 19.2psi and I thought "Oh, sweet, hitting target boost" but it turns out that it's when I shift into 4th gear it hits the peak boost. This happened the last log also. Is that normal? I don't think it would be good to run HWG if it's already hitting peak boost when I shift into the next gear. I just don't understand why it's not hitting it in 3rd, but it's holding what psi it has and not dropping, so thats good. Any advice would be helpful in terms of the knock learning and if a HWG is necessary. I know technically I should be doing the log in 4th gear but I don't know how the hell anyone is supposed to do that if they are not on a dyno. I'm not trying to die or lose my license. It makes me wonder, though, since I'm hitting peak boost after gunning in and shifting into 4th if it will reach peak with a 4th gear pull. Just can't begin to figure out how to do that. Let me know if the link for the log doesn't work. Thanks for any help, appreciate it.
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