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2017 wrx boost leak tester

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I think I could have a boost leak in my 2017 wrx. I cannot seem to find what size boost leak tester to use. I do have a compressor that would work, and I've been reading up on the proper way to do these tests.

Anyone know sizes or want to post links? It would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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What makes you think you have a boost leak on a brand new vehicle?

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Just a hunch. Ive had it for about 5 months but recently started hearing this whistle and park around 1100 rpm. Sounds a bit like a leak, but that's as far as I know. I have a ln accesstuner running a stage one map, so it may have caused something?
Well I was going to tell you take it to Subaru but that's a no go. The map could but I doubt it.

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Well I could flash back to stock, but I don't know if they can detect tampering.
But yeah I still reach 19psi if I step on it, so right now it's just the sound. Should I be concerned?
Yes they can with out any questions. I think you'll be fine personally. I think you are being paranoid.

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Alright, that's good enough for me. It's hard to not be paranoid with a new car.

I appreciate the help man.
Yep, just keep an eye on knock events or timing pulling and you'll be fine

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Boost leaks usually feel like boost surges. When you're in boost, you will boost, then lose boost fairly quickly, and the gain boost and lose boost. I have never had any noise issues with boost leaks but that is a symptom. I would build a tester out of pvc and silicone and an air compressor acting as the air filling your system.
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