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2017 Base WRX FS

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Hi guys,

I bought a 2017 WRX (Base model, Silver) last year. I have about 10k miles (98xx) on it which are all mainly highway. I got it as a lease from the dealer and now have a baby on the way and need to unload it, unfortunately. The car has no issues whatsoever. No accidents, no curb rash, etc. I'll post pictures when I take them. I also have a set of winter tires (Blizzaks) and wheels (no TPMS) that will come with the car (cost me about 1k total). The KBB value on the car is around 25k. I was going to buy it out from the dealer and sell it pending a deposit. The dealer is giving me a horrible deal and there is no lease transfer option. It has no upgrades or anything. It's completely stock. It currently has the stock summer tires after I took my winter set off.

The car is in southeast Wisconsin around the Milwaukee area. It's a short drive from Chicago.

I'm pricing it to sell. 24-25K OBO. Thanks
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